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USDA Proposes Voluntary Label for Biobased Products

If you're a manufacturer, or part of another organization that deals with "biobased" products (i.e., made out of agricultural, forestry, or marine-based ingredients), you will be interested to know that our client, the USDA is proposing a special eco-label for such products or packages. Examples of products on the government's "BioPreferred" list include PLA-based plastics, vegetable oil-based cleaning fluids, and soaps made from natural ingredients—but not food or fuel.

You have 60 days, (from now until September 29) to comment on this proposed "BioPreferred" eco-labeling program.

For more information:
     - Read the BioPreferred news release
     - Read the proposed rule in the Federal Register
     - Leave comments (First, click on "Search for a Proposed Rule" and insert "0503-AA35" or "biobased" (no quotes) under "keyword.")
     - Visit the BioPreferred Web site at www.biopreferred.gov

Feel free to contact us directly with any questions that you may have.

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