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The Climate March and FreshDirect’s Big Green Problem

Inc. Magazine, Sept 22, 2014

Jacquie Ottman weighs in on a discussion with Jeremy Quittner about FreshDirect's (a local NYC food purveyor) greenwashing issues with its new Bronx community.

We Hate to Waste and the ‘No-Waste’ Lifestyle: VIDEO

Sustainable Brands '14

Link here to see Jacquie Ottman give a ten minute presentation at the Sustainable Brands '14 conference about our global community and how we are using it as a strategic resource for our clients.

Why ‘Going Lean’ is the New Green - June 18, 2014


In this interview written by Brigid Milligan, Jacquelyn Ottman describes the mission and vision of, a pioneering online global community dedicated to finding practical solutions to help consumers thrive in the resource-constrained ('lean') years ahead

Ottman Named Top Waste Influencer - May 1, 2014


Jacquie Ottman was named this past week one of 30 "Top Waste Influencers" by BeWastewise, a not for profit dedicated to providing a forum for discussing positive solutions to waste prevention.

A wastehater from birth (or at least age 4), Jacquie is delighted with this recognition of her work founding  - and hopes she can influence you to join our community.

GDiapers Settlement Shows the Challenges of Green Marketing - March 27, 2014

Elizabeth Gonzalez for

Jacquie Ottman shares her perspective on why green marketing claims are so challenging to get right -- and puts the gDiaper FTC challenges into context.

5 Green Marketing Strategies to Earn Consumer Trust -  January 14, 2014

Jacquie Ottman shares five strategies for gaining credibility with consumers, adapted from the report she recently co-authored with David Mallen entitled "How to Make Credible Green Marketing Claims What Marketers Need to Know about the Updated FTC Green Guides."  It was published by Ad Age in September 2013.

 Link here to learn more about the report. 

Jacquelyn Ottman - Woman in CSR - November 6, 2013 - November 6, 2013 interviews Jacquie Ottman about her ground-breaking new initiative, Link here to read her story and see a fab picture of the treasure she recent scavenged from a NYC street corner.

Jacquie Ottman on Eco Innovation - October 22, 2013 founder Anthony Chiaravallo interviews Jacquie Ottman about

In the interview Jacquie describes the mission of We Hate To Waste and her plans to work with like-minded brands and businesses, to help all consumers waste less and leverage access to her global community of ardent waste haters for market research, crowdsourcing, and market activation.

Read the full interview Here

Receive 10% Off of Jacquie Ottman’s New Ad Age Report - September 20, 2013

To save 10% off on Jacquelyn Ottman and David Mallen's new Ad Age Report, "How to Make Credible Green Marketing Claims: What Marketers Need to Know about the Updated FTC Green Guides", enter the code RR10J during checkout.

Credible Green Marketing Claims: Guide to FTC Green Guides - September 19, 2013

Green Business Network

This article from the Green Business Network provides an overview of Jacquie's newly released Ad Age report,  “How to Make Credible Green Marketing Claims: What Marketers Need to Know about the Updated FTC Green Guides", which was co-authored by David Mallen.

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