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Refusing to Waste: An Interview with Jacquie Ottman - Our Town, 02/03/16

Angela Barbuti

Jacquie Ottman is interviewed by Angela Barbuti on why and how she helps to promote coumptiopn culture change in NYC through the prism of Zero Waste and Reuse.

Op-Ed: Cut Plastic Bag Use, West Side Spirit, 02/08/16

Jacquelyn Ottman

Jacquelyn Ottman argues that a proposed 10 cent fee on plastic shopping bags will reduce pollution and compel consumers to reduce waste.

Note: The proposed fee was since reduced to five cents.

Just Because You Recycle Doesn’t Mean You Create Less Trash - Fusion, 02/19/16

Cole Rosengren

Using NYC as a lens, Cole Rosengren uses expert insight from Jacquelyn Ottman and others to look at how recycling and reuse programs can be refreshed to reduce waste.

Refusing to Waste

Our Town NY / The West Side Spirit - 02/03/16

Angela Barbuti interviews green marketing consultant and waste watcher Jacquelyn Ottman about her background and her perspective on New York City's Zero Waste plan

How New Yorkers Can Reach Toward Zero Waste This Year - - 02/09/2016

Jacquie Ottman and coauthor Maggie Clark proide New Yorkers with a comprehensive list of tips for reaching toward zero waste in 2016

NYC Freegans Attack Food Waste One Dumpster At a Time - January 12, 2016

Jacquie Ottman weighs in on how to attack ‪#‎FoodWaste‬ in ‪#‎NYC‬. The numbers are staggering!

Why Jacquie Ottman is Devoting the NEXT 25 Years to Eradicating Waste

Sustainable Brands - July 24, 2014

Just realized we hadn't published this article before. A great recap of why Jacquie Ottman and the rest of us at J. Ottman Consulting are devoting the NEXT 25 years to helping consumers live waste-free lifestyles. An inspiring read!

How Will NYC Meet Its Waste Goals, May 22, 2015

Jacquie Ottman interviewed in this excellent article by Cole Rosengren for discussing expert opinions on how NYC will meet recently announced aggressive goals for reducing waste.

The Climate March and FreshDirect’s Big Green Problem

Inc. Magazine, Sept 22, 2014

Jacquie Ottman weighs in on a discussion with Jeremy Quittner about FreshDirect's (a local NYC food purveyor) greenwashing issues with its new Bronx community.

We Hate to Waste and the ‘No-Waste’ Lifestyle: VIDEO

Sustainable Brands '14

Link here to see Jacquie Ottman give a ten minute presentation at the Sustainable Brands '14 conference about our global community and how we are using it as a strategic resource for our clients.

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