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Jacquie Ottman is a sought-after speaker on green marketing and eco-innovation around the globe.

She regularly addresses groups and conducts book signings in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. (Watch a segment from her address to the Sustainable Brands Conference above.) Following are some of Jacquie's most popular speaking topics:

"20 New Rules of Green Marketing in 20 Minutes — With Plenty of Time for Questions "

In this highly interactive talk, Jacquie offers a glimpse into the stories and strategies from her latest book, "The New Rules of Green Marketing", and answers such timely questions as: How can companies avoid greenwashing when communicating the green attributes of their products and corporate initiatives? What can companies learn from sustainability-focused upstarts like Method and Seventh Generation, as well as leaders like Toyota and HSBC? How to engage consumers in more sustainable forms of consumption?

Link here to catch a sample of Jacquie giving this talk to the Green Chamber of Commerce in San Diego.

Link here to watch Jacquie giving an audio version of this presentation.

"What Marketers Need to Know About the FTC Green Guides for Environmental Marketing Terms"

Making clear, truthful and non-deceptive claims is critical to establishing credibility for green marketing claims and avoiding the risk of greenwash. A key tool in understanding how to communicate with green consumers is the FTC's Green Guides for Environmental Marketing. Marketers need to understand key provisions of the Green Guides, and the larger context within which they operate, including opportunities to promote greener alternatives without the use of specific claims that can carry risk.

In this 45-minute talk, Ottman will distill the key lessons from her new report, bringing marketing communications and their legal professionals up to date on the revised FTC Green Guides issued October 1, 2012. She will provide in layman's terms, an understanding of the science underlying the Guides (including why it is no longer advisable to use such terms as 'eco-friendly' or even 'green'.) Finally, she will share practical strategies for underscoring credibility throughout the entire communications process.

Jacquie Ottman recently co-authored an e-book on this very topic, entitled, "How to Make Credible Green Marketing Claims. What Marketers Need to Know about The Updated FTC Green Guides". Link here to learn more.

Jacquie Ottman recently co-presented a webinar sponsored by Sustainable Brands on How to Make Credible Green Claims That Consumers Will Trust. Link here to watch.

"The No-Waste Lifestyle®: Engaging Consumers in Preventing Waste and Conserving Natural Resources"

Engaging consumers in wise use of resources and other forms of sustainable consumption behavior is now a critical part of the corporate sustainability agenda. Although advances in green design have led to more efficient products and packaging, further progress must come by encouraging mainstream consumers to share responsibility for minimizing impacts during the life cycle stages that they alone control and in adopting other practices that can help them minimize waste.

In this practical and provocative talk, Jacquie reviews eight strategies and insights culled from our WeHateToWaste global community of ardent wastehaters for preventing household waste and living what we call the No-Waste Lifestyle®. She will profile successful case studies of consumer engagement, and offer fresh ideas for enlisting consumer support for more responsible forms of consumption.

Link here to learn more about our WeHateToWaste global community.

"Marketing Your Biobased and Renewable Products to Consumers"

We advised the USDA on the launch of their USDA Certified Biobased label. Distilling our learning in the biobased marketplace, Jacquie Ottman will provide an overview of biobased market opportunities, provide an introduction to the USDA Certified Biobased label, and discuss success strategies for marketing certified biobased content and renewable materials to consumers and other stakeholders.

Link here to read an informative article about marketing biobased products.

Jacquie Can Address Your Group Wherever You Are in the World

Jacquie is available to speak to your group on-site, or anywhere in the world, via our new webinar capability. Ideal for companies with employees in multiple locations and international audiences.

We Offer Generous Discounts on Jacquie's New Book

Sign her up now to conduct a book-signing and to share insights from her latest book, "The New Rules of Green Marketing". Now available in bookstores and online worldwide. To learn more link here.

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