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We can help you create strategies, develop new products, train your colleagues, and address tough green marketing challenges.

Times have changed. Consumers are asking new questions: How can I reduce my footprint? Who makes this product — and how? Can I dispose of it safely?

Businesses need to ask new questions, in turn: How to integrate sustainability into my brand? How to leverage opportunities for eco-innovation? How to communicate green and social benefits relevantly and credibly — while avoiding the risks of greenwash?

Our rigorous approach, honed over twenty-plus years advising leaders on how to help consumers needs sustainably can ensure a customized solution that is at once authentic, distinctive and profitable.

Strategic Eco-Innovation Services

Consumer and Stakeholder Insights

We typically start an engagement with customized research, informed by rich insights into the needs of consumers and other stakeholders. We are happy to use your research and/or design our own qualitative and quantitative research using the latest techniques and highest quality resources.

Sustainable New Product Innovation

Every business leader knows the goal: Meet consumer needs with 100% satisfaction and "zero" environmental impact. Using our proprietary "Getting to Zero" (sm) Process for Eco-Innovation we can develop concepts (or facilitate your team) for new products, services and business models in step with sustainability.

Our global community of ardent wastehaters, WeHateToWaste can be used as a tool for crowd-sourcing ideas and evaluating the viability of new product concepts, and mining consumer insights on resource conservation, waste-watching behaviors and more.

Strategic Branding and Positioning

With upwards of 80 percent of the mainstream marketplace now identifying with some shade of "green", sustainability-oriented products and services must be carefully positioned to specific consumer segments. We advise clients on the optimum way to strategically position their offerings to maximize volume and profitability.

Environmental Marketing Claims — No Greenwash!

Want to get credit for environmentally proactive initiatives but afraid of greenwash? Our latest publication, an e-book informing marketers about the implications of the updated FTC Green Guides, was just released on September 16, 2013. Link here to learn more.

Working in conjunction with a lawyer who specializes in green claims, we can provide a confidential evaluation of your environmental marketing claims. And we can advise on specific language that can meet your messaging objectives consistent with the latest version of the FTC Green Guides, as well as relevant state regulations and guidelines.

Having advised the USDA on its recent introduction of the USDA Certified Biobased label, we have particular expertise with claims relating to biobased, renewable resources, biodegradability and compostability.

Listen to this webinar in which Jacquie Ottman explains the differences between 'biobased', 'biodegradable', 'renewable', 'compostable' and natural'. Link here

Workshops and Training

Link here to learn more about our highly interactive workshops (delivered on-site or online) that bring to life the principles and strategies Jacquie discusses in her award-winning book, "The New Rules of Green Marketing: Strategies, Tools and Inspiration for Sustainable Branding".

Keynotes and Thought-leader Panels

Jacquie Ottman delivers provocative keynotes and is happy to organize and participate in thought-leader panels. Link here to learn more.

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