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Can Plastics Be ‘Green’?

Changing consumption culture through the ‘zero waste’ prism has been at the top of my agenda these days. Yet, when I discovered Trucost’s new study prepard for the American Chemistry Council (ACC), “Plastics and Sustainability: A Valuation of Environmental Benefits, Costs, and Opportunities for Continuous Improvement,” (as well as an analysis by Leon Kaye here on TriplePundit), I thought to myself, are plastics really as ‘green’ as the study suggests?

I spent the weekend studying it and the “Valuing Plastics” study (2014) also by Trucost, as well as the related “The New Plastics Economy: Rethinking the …Read More...

How to Cut Plastic Bag Use in New York City - And Beyond

Image: Timothy Krause, via Flikr

 (Image: Timothy Krause, via Flikr)

Every time I see a plastic shopping bag blowing down a sidewalk, I make the effort to pick it up and bring it to the trash or recycling. That’s because here in New York City, plastic bags can wind up in a river, and eventually, the ocean where they can kill fish, birds, turtles. This horrifies me. And the numbers do, too.

Each year, New Yorkers use 5.2 billion plastic carry-out bags, and many of them end up as pollution. Plastic …Read More... View more green marketing posts by Jacquie Ottman

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