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Ottman’s Opinion Sought on Wal-Mart’s Organic Campaign

Media Post Publications, January 2007

The term "organic" means different things to different consumers, from natural and pesticide free to better tasting. Marketers—and Wal-Mart—take heed. MORE

Ottman Advises Health and Beauty Care Industry on How to Go Green

Growing Naturally: Simi Valley Firm Derma e Strives to be Environmentally and Socially Conscious By Allison Bruce, October 2006

Derma E, an $8 million-a-year natural skin care products company, strives to be a good community citizen by crafting its products and corporate culture with a greater mission in mind. Items such as facial cleansers, moisturizers, makeup removers and exfoliants are made with natural, vegetarian ingredients. MORE

Ottman to New York Times, Silence on Green Sometimes A Smart Strategy

Silent Green, New York Times, July 2006

Is the best way to market environmentally preferable products to keep quiet about the environment? This is the question answered in this New York Times article by Rob Walker that we are happy to be quoted in. For a pdf of the larger article that Walker quotes from, please link here. MORE

Ottman to Baltmore Sun, “Disposables Maker May Be Here to Stay”

Baltimore Sun, July 2006

As we post in this article, the times seem ripe for EarthShell, makers of compostable food packaging. And with packaging and containers representing a third of the 236 million tons of solid waste dumped into landfills in 2003, there is no time to waste! MORE

Ottman Intervewed by Business Week on Merits of Going Green

Do You Need To Be Green? Business Week, Summer 2006

We are happy to be quoted in this highly readable article helping businesses of all stripes understand the merits of a green strategy, and ways to do it with credibility. MORE

Ottman Encourages Entrepreneurs to “Turn Environmental Problems into Opportunities”

Karen E. Spaeder, Entrepreneur, March 2006

A growing number of entrepreneurs are turning environmental problems into opportunities to start fast growing businesses. That’s the lesson discussed in the MSNBC article quoting green marketing veteran, Jacquelyn Ottman. Click here to read more or download the PDF.

Ottman Tells Chief Marketing Officer Magazine How to Make Green Marketing Efforts a Sure Fire Succes

Read this well-done piece to ensure that your corporate green marketing efforts are a surefire success. MORE

Ottman to Plastics News, “Products Will Have to Tow Environmental Line”

Plastics News Article September 25, 2006

Global political pressures will force product designers and manufacturers in the United States to adopt more environmentally friendly designs, giving greater consideration to recycling and avoiding plastics with potentially toxic materials such as brominated flame retardants. MORE

Wall Street Journal Features J. Ottman’s Green Marketing Advice

Jacquelyn Ottman was recently featured in the August 1, 2005, edition of the Wall Street Journal’s Startup Journal, which targets small businesses and entrepreneurs. Jacquelyn was sought after to provide expert advice on how to successfully market green products. MORE

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