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True Green? - Brandweek, 4/18/2010

Determining What's Really Green is Tricky. Marketing It is Even Trickier

No wonder consumers are confused. The marketers are confused —and the concept of green is downright confusing in and of itself. Our own Jacquie Ottman tries to clarify.

Plum Baby from Brandweek True Green 04/10

Green Marketing is the New Black - TriplePundit, 4/16/2010

Read this quick summary from the 'Base" conference in London and learn why green marketing is expected to be the rage in 2011. Jacquie Ottman's four strategies for green marketing success are quoted.

Read this Review of Jacquie Ottman’s “Green Marketing Done Right” Webinar

Jacquie Ottman's Feb 12 2010 webinar, Green Marketing Done Right, excerpted from her forthcoming book is called, "practical guidance" for all green marketers by reviewer, Peter Korchnak, Semiosis Communications.

Motivations for Buying Green - American Public Radio: Marketplace, 4/10/10

Buying Green, But Not for the Planet

Sometimes the real reason people buy green is not always Mother Earth, and the marketing for those products is starting to reflect that. Jacquie Ottman, interviewed for this piece, (which can be heard as a podcast), advises  smart green marketers to  "leave the babies, the planets and the daisies" behind. MORE

Ottman Pictured on NASDAQ Building Wearing Her New ECOs - Vision Monday, 2/22/2010

The vision industry is turning green and we are delighted to be of help to MODO who's leading the charge. MODO, a NYC based designer of fashion eyewear recently announced Earth Conscious Optics (ECOs), made of recycled stainless steel, certified by another client, ULEnvironment. The attached article will tell you more — and give you a glimpse of our Jacquie Ottman wearing her ECOs on a visit to the NASDAQ opening bell ceremony this New Year's Eve. MORE

Ottman Offers A Smart New Way to Segment Green Consumers - Harvard Business Review, 2/5/2010

When you target customers, it helps to know if they're "dark green", "light green" or "basic brown" in their attitudes, but, with so many green issues, products, and labels out there, it may be more relevant to your branding and communications to understand their personal green interests. Ottman shows the way... MORE

Ottman quoted in “Green Marketing and the Simultaneous Pursuit of Growth and Reputation Enhancement”

The Green Economy Post, January 6, 2010

This article by Eric Lowitt quotes Jacquie's Harvard blog post article, Green Marketing Really Has Gone Mainstream. It provides a look at how companies can use green marketing strategies to grow their businesses and enhance their reputations. MORE

Download this Article,  “Grow Your Green: For Many Marketers, Environmentalism Equals Opportunity”

Marketing News

This is a great feature from Marketing News about how the rapidly growing green movement is changing the marketing industry. I highly reccomend this article for any marketers out there who are considering going green. MORE

New Kudos for Ottman’s Book, “Green Marketing: Opportunity for Innovation”

I am delighted to see this assessment so many years after our book was first published. Peter Korchnak really picks on some of the key points of green marketing--educating consumers, the need for a complete rethinking of the way we do business, and the importance of follow-through--that have only become more important since we put out the second edition.

Now that I'm working on the book's third edition, I can tell you that green marketing is more important than ever--and I'm as optimistic about the future as I was when I started my business twenty years ago. MORE

Ottman Answers Key Question, “What Is a Green Consumer?”

Published by eMarketer

What role does the Internet play in influencing the purchasing habits of green consumers? Read Jacquelyn Ottman's recent interview with eMarketer to find out. MORE

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