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CSR Review Finds The New Rules of GM “Refreshingly Informative and Enlightening”  - 2/23/11

A superb review of "The New Rules of Green Marketing" for CSR Newswire by Elaine Cohen.  An excerpt:

"As someone who, modestly, believes themselves to be above average on environmental awareness and reasonably up-to-date with the world of sustainability, cause marketing and green corporate initiatives, I foundThe New Rules of Green Marketingrefreshingly informative and enlightening, and I enjoyed reading about many examples that I had not come across before, all put together in a well-ordered and logically-flowing volume."

Thanks, Elaine!

Jacquie Ottman Interview on Crosslands Bulletin 2/12/11

A conversation with Jacquie in the Crosslands Bulletin.

In a conversation with Crosslands Bulletin, Jacquie discusses some current isues in green marketing, and shares some tips from her new book, The New Rules of Green Marketing.

Ottman’s New Green Marketing Book: Must Read - C Is Just a Letter 2/23/11

Thanks, Ann for this very complimentary review. We especially like the advice to "...pick this book up, pour yourself a cup of tea, and immerse yourself in a fine read that will leave you energized about our craft and with tools to create better brands in an ever-changing world."

‘The New Rules of Green Marketing’ - Ad Age GoodWorks Blog 2/22/11

An important new rule of green marketing is to connect with your green consumers needs and personal green interests.  It is especially important to understand which segment your target audience falls in now that green is mainstream.

Book Review: Marni’s Sustainability Blog - 2/19/11

Jacquie's book, The New Rules of Green Marketing, called "the be all and the end of green marketing."  Thanks for the nice review, Marni.

Eight Green Myths Debunked - Huffington Post 2/16/11

Huffington Post writer Kate Kelly picks up on Jacquie's green myth debunking and five green products to watch during 2011-2012.

Green Goes Mainstream But Shared Responsibility Pact Necessary - Huffington Post 2/15/11

Wonderful write-up by Kate Kelly about Jacquie's new book in Huffington Post this morning. Key message of real importance to Jacquie: It's not enough just to buy greener products. Consumers must "share responsibility" to reduce environmental impacts with manufacturers by attempting to reduce consumption during use (turning off the water when they brush, e.g.,), and by dropping cans in the recycling bin.

How to Appeal to Changing Needs of Today’s Mainstream Green Consumers - - Feb 8

Much of today's green marketing is wasted because it fails to target the changing needs of today's more mainstream consumers. That's a key message in Jacquie Ottman's just released book, The New Rules of Green Marketing. To appeal to newly green consumers, Ottman advises that marketers underscore the inherent value that they provide, and provides five strategies for overcoming the challenges and taking advantages of the opportunities provided by the $290 billion green consumer market.

Today’s Brand of Green Marketing Requires New Rules - 3BL Media - Feb 8, 2011

As detailed in Jacquie Ottman's just released book, The New Rules of Green Marketing, mainstreaming of green means new rules for consumer products marketers. This fine article by Christopher Menone, details seven of the 20 new rules that Jacquie describes in the book.

Green Marketing Expert Jacquelyn Ottman Provides Insights Into CPG Marketing Trends

An interview with Five Winds' Julia Guth for their Retail Ready Insight (TM) blog, published this morning, to coincide with the launch of Jacquie's new book, The New Rules of Green Marketing. A key insight: engaging consumers in "responsible consumption" will be critical to reducing life cycle impacts of the products they use.  Five Winds should know —they're the pros when it comes to LCA!

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