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Park Howell Talks With Jacquie About The New Rules of Green Marketing

Excerpt from Park Howell’s review of The New Rules of Green Marketing: Strategies, Tools and Inspiration for Sustainable Branding (Berrett-Koehler, February 2011, 252 pp.):

“Jacquie is a very wise, friendly and thoughtful marketer… She has one optimistic goal: “To skew the market to greener goods.” Her book is built on three themes:
1. Product lifecycle orientation
2. Responsible consumerism
3. Consumer empowerment through education

If you’re a brand manager, chief sustainability officer, or ad agency consulting with a self-proclaimed “green” person, product, company or cause, then you need to read, no, wait, “own,” The New Rules of Green Marketing. It will give you an immediate jump on your competition through its encapsulation of decades of proven green marketing experience combined with current and relevant resources.”

Green Marketing is Just Good Marketing: An Interview with Jacquie Ottman

Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series - March 31, 2011

In this interview with Julia Barnes of the Toronto Sustainable Speaker Series, Jacquie Ottman talks about why green marketing is just good marketing -- and iterates why need for shared responsibiility with consumers is key to sustainability.

Watch this Video of Jacquie Being Interviewed by

Jacquie talks about green opportunities with Gregg Greenberg of  Discusses why even so-called "dirty" companies like GE can be successful with a green marketing campaign, and why Coke's PlantBottle may represent the packaging wave of the future.

Shel Horowitz Calls Jacquie’s New Book “One of Most Holistic Green Marketing Books” He’s Seen

According to colleague Shel Horowitz, Jacquie's book, The New Rules of Green Marketing " also one of the most holistic green marketing books I've seen, considering whole-lifecycle processes such as energy and water used in manufacture and transportation, and questions of end-of-life disposal in determining whether a particular path is actually green....It's a book well worth reading (and taking notes from), and an excellent companion to my own Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green."  Thanks, Shel!

Carolyn Parrs calls “The New Rules of Green Marketing” a “Must Read for C-Level Execs”

"Whether you are a start-up or C-level executive, you will find Ottman's book a reliable compass into this fast-growing, and sometimes green grab bag arena..."

Kudos for Jacquie Ottman's The New Rules of Green Marketing book from Carolyn Parrs -- a respected green marketing consultant in her own right. Thanks, Carolyn!

Patricia Faulhaber Gives “The New Rules of Green Marketing” an Outstanding Review

Excerpt from Paricia Faulhaber's reivew of The New Rules of Green Marketing: Srategies, Tools and Inspiration for Sustainable Branding (Berrett-Koehler, February 2011, 252 pp.) :

"The biggest message of the book is that green is everywhere and is practiced in some part by everyone, and as such, marketing has a new mission when showing the green side of products, services, and brands...

The book is well-written, the points are well-substantiated, and professional marketers will gain much-needed insights from Ottman's writings. Green is finally an integrated part of society and appears to be here to stay for generations to come."

Improved Green Products Held Their Value Through the Recession - 3/7/11

Jacquie Ottman talks to MediaBistro's Tonya Garcia about why green products have held their own among mainstream consumers—even during the current recession.

How Women Get Green Jobs - WNSF Blog - 3/3/11

Jacquie Ottman interviewed by Women's Network for Sustainability Executive Director Ann Goodman on how to get a green job.

Eco-Innovation is Core to Green Marketing Success - Corporate EcoForum 2/27/11

Excerpt from Jacquie Ottman's The New Rules of Green Marketing on importance of eco-innovation. Download a free copy of chapter 5.

Ad Age GoodWorks Blog Zeroes in on Need to Understand Green Consumer Concerns 02/18/11

This review focuses on the importance of understanding one's consumers environmental and social concerns in addition to product-related needs. Are you a Resource Conserver? Outdoor Enthusiast? Animal Lover? Health Fanatic??

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