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Smart-Grid Enabled Appliances will help U.S. Green Marketers Compete in the Global Clean Energy Race

The global clean energy race has begun and the powerhouse economies of Asia-China, Japan and South Korea -are already proving to be key challengers. Although the United States and E.P.A. have made great strides, the Obama administration has yet to take firm action in the form a comprehensive clean energy bill, forcing conscientious businesses and consumers to carry the baton for the U.S.

On the green marketing front, the future of energy consumption in the United States lies in ‘Smart-Grid Enabled Appliances’. Invested players including government, and product and software manufacturers such as Google and Microsoft are digitizing the nation’s power grid, to make delivery more efficient, cost effective and safer for the environment. This is the ‘smart-grid’.

Next comes the ‘smart appliances’. Smart appliances can be controlled remotely by the power company. For example, the power company could lower thermostats, switch to energy-saver mode or shut down the appliance during peak demand. Smart appliances save money- imagine an electric dryer that tumbles without heat and uses only 200 watts of electricity in comparison to a conventional 500 watt dryer on maximum heat. One million such dryers could replace six coal-fired power plants.

Smart appliances are enabled to work effectively on the smart-grid. Leading in this field are General Electric and Whirlpool. GE has developed a smart water heater that is currently being used in a test market, and Whirlpool is optimistic about a smart clothes dryer, predicting one million sold during 2011.

Looking for new green marketing opportunities? Join the race today for Smart-Grid Enabled Appliances and enabling technologies.

J.C. Darne contributed to this post.

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