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Proper Medicine Disposal Is the Next Big Green Marketing Thing

If you read nothing else today, read this link to "Proper Medicine Disposal Prescribed Daily" by Andrea Nocito.  How many times have you cringed when throwing away unused prescription drugs? Flushing them down the toilet, as described, is not the answer either.

I have long suspected that prescription drug disposal will be the Next Big Issue in green marketing and sustainable product development. We desperately need a mechanism for allowing consumers to take back unused drugs. 

I believe one solution might be to require druggists to fill prescriptions only half way. If the prescription works out (you don't have any side effects, etc.), then get the rest of it filled. But if your pain goes away and you don't need the full bottle, you haven't wasted a full prescription.

Prediction: we'll all be taking back drugs, like so many ink jet cartridges, batteries, etc. sooner rather than later! Drug companies and drug retailers who get our in front of this will gain alot of green marketing mileage.

Let's start talking about this. What do you think??

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