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Outlook for Reforming Greenwashers in 2011: Expect Support from Private Sector Only

In response to a recent query from a European colleague, look for any impetus to reform U.S. greenwashers — inadvertent and intentional, during 2011 to come from the private, not government sector.

The revised FTC green guides are not expected before Spring 2012 (It will likely take that long for them to absorb comments gathered through 12/10/10.) Given the time and resources needed to review the comments and develop revised, final Green Guides, I don’t think FTC will take aim at any save the most flagrant greenwashers in the meantime. 

And given recent criticisms to Terrachoice’s “Sins of Greenwashing” report, I predict that we will not likely see it updated in its current form during 2011. Terrachoice is already showing signs of adopting a more positive stance. Hopefully, their recommended strategies for avoiding greenwashing will be heeded by green marketers.

At the risk of sounding self-serving, my own soon-to-be-released book, The New Rules of Green Marketing (Berrett-Koehler U.S., Greenleaf Publishing U.K., February 2011) can also help to fill in the gaps in the meantime. I correctly predicted many of the issues discussed in the FTC’s proposed revised guidelines and offer positive strategies of my own for addressing them. The book officially launches in the U.S. on February 7. Look for Chapter 7, entitled, “Building Credibility. Avoiding Greenwash”.

May the New Year be happily free of greenwash, and filled with well-supported claims, transparently communicated.

Link here to learn how to pre-order a copy of The New Rules of Green Marketing — and have a fine New Year.


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