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Method’s New Laundry Detergent—A Drop in the Bucket?

Method deserves kudos for its new super-concentrated laundry detergent: 50 loads packed into a trim squirt bottle and 95% plant-based. Sounds great! A major achievement that should put Tide and Wisk on notice and turn heads at Wal-Mart. But let’s not let Dropps get lost in the hoopla.

Dropps, the product of a Philadelphia-based start-up, represents what may be an even greater achievement in source reduction. Eschewing the concept of dispensing with detergent from a bulky plastic jug, 20 dissolvable detergent capsules (“dropps”) come packed in a collapsible plastic pouch. The stand-up packs are so thin, it would take 292 of them to equal the plastic waste produced from one empty jug of Tide. In addition, the detergent formula is six times concentrated to save water. The lighter packaging and detergent means on the one hand, fewer delivery boxes and trucks,  and for consumers, the convenience in transport home, storage and use.

To boot, the Dropps formula is free of chlorine, NPE (a stain-fighting additive to be an endocrine disruptor), and phosphate. And it’s capable of handling all colors, fabrics, washers and temperatures. (I can attest personally for how the product works. -Makes you want to be able to “dropp” a Tide in your washer. ) No wonder its found its way to the shelves of Wal-Mart, Whole Foods and Target.

Chime in on the latest in the detergent wars…let me know what you think.


Angela Wong contributed to this post.

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