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Déjà Vu All Over Again - Part II

Last month I discussed some of the green marketing missteps that we keep repeating no matter how many times we should have learned from hard experience that such tactics fall short. I suggested that rather than repeating these mistakes, perhaps the best solution is to move forward with new product innovations that truly transcend green marketing claims and eco-labels.

In fact, pursuing a course of eco-innovation - new product concepts with the potential for significantly enhanced consumer benefits and significantly reduced environmental impact - might be just what the planet doctor has ordered.

For example, as product innovations go, creating clothes that don't need washing easily one-ups the triple-concentrated laundry detergents making headlines these days. Or how about electric cars for short hops to public transportation hubs? Chevy is considering positioning its Volt this way. And consider the possibilities for food additives that keep our teeth clean without need of a brush. Crest's Naturals is duking it out with Tom's of Maine (now owned by Colgate) for the hearts of natural ingredient-loving consumers everywhere - but what if we didn't need the toothpaste, the toothbrushes, or all that water in the first place? I'm sure Yogi would approve.  

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