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Controlling Interest

Consumers' desire to control a world that's increasingly viewed as spinning out of control lies at the heart of green marketing. If they didn't feel that greener products made a difference, there would be no market for organic produce, non-toxic cleaners, or Energy Star-qualified appliances.

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Getting Your Consumer to 'Bite':  Green Marketing Strategies

Empower your consumers with messages that underscore the difference they make as one consumer or in concert with all the other consumers of your products.

Be dramatic. The direct mail marketing company Postcard Mania calculates that using 10% post-consumer recycled content has saved 5,931 fully grown trees since 2005.

Make intangible environmental benefits tangible. It's impossible to see the fumes that are not being spewed from power plants when consumer opt for green power instead of fossil fuels. Delineate the equivalents in barrels of oil or tons of coal saved by a switch to wind or solar.

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