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Plastiki Trash Expedition Meets Goal—Who’s Next?


New York Times recently reported that the Plastiki has docked after a four-month voyage from San Francisco to Sydney. The brainchild of British environmental advocate, David de Rothschild, the 60-foot “Plastiki” is a sailboat pieced together from 12,500 recycled plastic bottles and powered by solar panels and windmills. His mission: raise awareness about the amount and effects of plastic waste affecting our oceans.

David was on to something when he built his environmentally responsible craft and sailed it across the Pacific. He brought attention to an important issue and exposed it in a creative way. This type of approach can be implemented again - not just with kayaks and canoes and sailboats made of problematic materials. A hotel made completely from trash recently opened for guests in Rome, Italy to raise awareness about European beach pollution.

What consumer product will be the next target?  What creative construction will capture the public’s attention? A playground made from dredged up baby diapers?  An aluminum mountain of Coke-cans gathered from our nation’s roadsides?  An amphitheatre made completely of old Sony Trinitrons and Walkmans?  Stay tuned.

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