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20 New Rules. 20 Free Books. 20 Chances to Win: New Rule of Green Marketing Number 12.

Jacquie Ottman’s New Rule of Green Marketing Number 12:

 Consumers don’t necessarily need to own products; services can meet their needs, perhaps even better.Consumers historically met their needs by owning products, but concepts like Zipcar and ebooks are starting to prove that utility and service are what really matters.

Take textbooks, a product that students typically “own” for a semester or two. While us grownups are busy reading Steinbeck on our Kindles and Nooks, college students can rent textbooks from Cengage Learning, the textbook publisher. Alternatively, they can also download pdf chapters of textbooks, for a complete digital learning experience.

—-Excerpted from The New Rules of Green Marketing, by Jacquie Ottman (Berrett-Koehler - U.S., Greenleaf Publishing - U.K. February 2011, $21.95, 252 pp.).  Now available in bookstores and at online booksellers.LEARN MORE.

To celebrate its launch, I am giving away 20 FREE signed copies of The New Rules of Green Marketing, one each business day from February 7 to March 7.
To enter, send me an e-mail nowwith “Jacquie, I want to win a free copy of The New Rules of Green Marketing” in the subject line. Emails must be submitted by 6 p.m. EST in order to be eligible to win for that day. One entry per person, per day.

20 Rules. 20 Chances to Win.
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Good luck! With good green marketing, everybody wins! (That’s the rule.)


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