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Jacquelyn Ottman’s Keynote at Sustainable Brands ‘08

Opening remarks at Sustainable Brands '08

Read the keynote speech that set the tone for this year's Sustainable Brands '08 conference in Monterey, CA. Jacquelyn Ottman recapped the year's changes in the green marketplace and once again bestowed upon the attendees exciting strategies for the future.


Marketers, Follow That Prius

Advertising Age - CMO Strategy, May 29, 2008

Jacquelyn Ottman outlines why the Toyota Prius is a prime example of how to effectively market a "green" product—do so with the direct benefits in mind and don't showcase the environmental attributes until you've captured the mainstream.


Don’t Greenwash Your Marketing:

Advertising Age, March 04, 2008

Jacquelyn Ottman explains why green marketing in 2008 should be approached differently from years past, and outlines some key things to keep in mind when traversing this year’s green landscape.


Eco-Logos: A Double Edged Sword:

Sustainable Life Media

With the myriad of eco-logos donning packaging of many products today, how does one know which are credible and which are self-proclaimed or simply a marketing ploy? In this article Jacquelyn Ottman touches on the key components of a concrete eco-logo and explains why the benefit of using them as a marketing tool is still up in the air.


Next-Generation Green Marketing: Beyond Billboards

Sustainable Life Media, October 2007

Discusses how green marketing practices have failed to evolve significantly in the past 20 years and that businesses must look towards eco-innovation in order to address the pressing ecological issues of the future.


The Five Simple Rules of Green Marketing

Sustainable Life Media, June 2007

Along with the five rules of green marketing, this article gives four detailed examples of companies that have successfully won over green consumers while grabbing market share.


Avoiding Green Marketing Myopia

Environment, June 2006

Ms. Ottman and two colleagues from Utah State discuss the need for would be green marketers to put direct, consumer benefits front and center in green marketing campaigns, or fall into the trap called “green marketing myopia.”

The Real News About Green Marketing: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

EnvironmentalNewsNetwork, March 2006

With environmentalism fast becoming embedded into the American culture, eco-innovation-not incremental product improvements- will need to become practiced by forward-thinking businesses.


Beyond New and Improved: New Frontiers of Design Innovation

green@work, June-July 2005

Many product designers are having the opportunity to design with a lighter environmental footprint.


Empower to the People

In Business, January 2004

Jacquelyn Ottman highlights strategies for empowering consumers to act upon the environmental issues that concern them.

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