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Why “Save The Planet” Pitches Don’t Work With Mainstream Green Consumers

MENG Blog - February 18, 2011

Green Marketing has gone mainstream. Strategies from Jacquie Ottman on representing green brands in the new market to emphasize added value and quality.


The New Green Marketing Paradigm

Marketing:Green Blog from MediaPost

Marketing has changed. Seven important strategies for dealing with today's increasingly savvy consumers, and their demands for green products and services. Avoid "greenwash" and use these tips to represent your brand in the powerful new green market.


Quality Trumps Altruism for Today’s Green Consumers

O'Dwyer's Magazine, February 2011

Products claiming an environmental benefit may talk the talk, but consumers look for more than a name and a mission statement. Yesterday, green marketing focused on consumers' desire to "save the planet." Today, consumers buy greener brands to help protect their health, save money, or because they simply work better. So, scrap the images of planets! Bag the daisies! Nix the babies! For better or for worse, today's green marketing appeals to consumers' less altruistic impulses.


Beyond Green: Winning Over Consumers by Putting Primary Benefits First

Triple Pundit, April 2010

Greener products are now available within every industry and are a part of our everyday lives. But they didn’t get to be so ubiquitous just because they are better for the planet. Whether they were promoted as such or not, sales of green products grew because they were appreciated by a growing chorus of consumers for the value they provide—expressed as safety, comfort, good taste, or simply convenience.


How Nike Reduces Toxicity to Balance Consumer Needs with Enhanced Corporate Reputation

Sustainable Brands Weekly, February 2010

As consumers demand more transparency regarding product toxicity, brands must realize the importance of communicating their activities clearly. Why then, does Nike emphasize performance over sustainability in product marketing? Because they understand their audience.


Green Marketing Really Has Gone Mainstream

Harvard Leading Green Blog, July 21 2009

How far has green marketing come in the past twenty years? Which factors have changed, and which have stayed the same?


Whom Do You Trust to Make Green Marketing Claims?

Sustainable Life Media, Summer 2009

Whom do consumers trust to make green marketing claims? As Jacquie Ottman's research shows, the answer may surprise you.


The 5 Simple Rules of Green Marketing

Design Management Review, Fall 2008

There is no substitute for a genuine commitment to sustainable design. It can be an opportunity to innovate and grow as well as to strengthen a brand. But as Jacquelyn Ottman makes clear, companies have to get the right message out. As her examples demonstrate, that means knowing what's important to customers, empowering them to feel they make a difference, being transparent, maintaining quality, and carefully evaluating price concerns.


Green Marketing “Broke Through” in 2008 - So What’s Next?

January 14, 2009

Here are the top five green marketing stories from a volatile year - and what they may mean for your business in 2009.


Power of Green Lies in Marketers’ Hands

September 9, 2008

Unleashing the real power of green is in the hands of marketers.

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