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HSBC's There's No Small Change Campaign

Working hand in hand with JWT, HSBC's lead advertising agency, advised on the award-winning HSBC "No Small Change" U.S. retail banking campaign.

Involved bringing all multi-disciplinary team members (HSBC, JWT, and sister agencies handling PR, direct marketing, guerilla marketing, website, and social media up to speed on green marketing success strategies, terminology, and competitive activity via an in-depth workshop. Facilitated the brainstorm of potential strategies.

Two months later, critiqued the campaign concept, and then helped to execute the campaign: provided "tips" for consumers to use when reducing their carbon footprint, helped to find green consumer products to give as an incentive to customers who signed up for an paperless banking offering, and helped to secure events during April (Earth Day) that the bank could sponsor in New York City. The campaign reached 103% of its new account goal, and won one of the first three Green Effies for Advertising Effectiveness.

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