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Vacuum cleaners keep our homes clean but at what expense to the environment? Are consumers aware of the environmental impacts of their vacuum cleaners? What product enhancements or new products might arise by getting a better understanding of consumers sustainability needs?

To get in-depth learning about green consumers' needs vis a vis sustainability and vacuum cleaners, we arranged for a series of in-home interviews with two groups of consumers, "medium green" and "dark green" and, to increase our chance of finding enough of them affordably, we headed to two of the greenest cities in America: Seattle and Chicago.

Our role involved: carefully selecting a moderator, identifying the target consumers, developing selection criteria, choosing the greener cities, helping to develop the questionnaire, and helping to evaluate the results.

The research uncovered many insights into consumer attitudes and usage of vacuum cleaners, including materials, energy and water use, consummables (e.g., bags), and eventual disposal and even re-use/donation that Bissell is now putting to use as part of their corporate efforts to lead the vacuum cleaning products industry in sustainability.

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