Do you live or go to school in New York City? Do you want to learn more about sustainability, business and marketing strategies? How to motivate consumers to reduce waste at home and at work? Do you want to hone your writing skills? Learn about social media? Run a website? Then an internship at J. Ottman Consulting might be right for you.

We are seeking dynamic and energetic interns to help us build our consumer-focused blog and educational initiative, and infuse new ideas and creativity into J. Ottman Consulting and our work in green marketing and eco-innovation.

Interns are typically upper-level undergraduates, graduate students, or recent grads in the liberal arts, design, or business.

The internship has flexible, part-time hours, but we ask for a minimum commitment of 15 - 20 hours per week (and a full-time commitment for January-only internships). Full-time summer internships are available.

Specific experience with, Mac OS X, social media (Twitter, Facebook, Hootsuite), and publicity (Mailchimp), and would be helpful.

Other responsibilities include assisting with client projects associated with meeting consumer needs with 'zero waste'.

Top candidates will have some prior work experience, strong Mac and Google skills, knowledge of websites (esp., social media (Hootsuite and Twitter and Facebook), some experience with InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop, and a demonstrated interest in waste reduction, marketing and sustainability.

To apply for this position, please email with "Internship" in the Subject line. Attach your cover letter and a statement of interest, as well as when you are available to start and a summary of your sustainability-related and business experience. Or, mail your resume with cover letter to us at the address below. Thanks so much for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you.

J. Ottman Consulting, Inc.
Attention: Employment
315 East 69 Street
New York, NY 10021

Frequently Asked Questions About Interning at J. Ottman Consulting

What will I learn as an intern at J. Ottman Consulting?
Working directly with Jacquie Ottman, an internationally recognized expert, you will learn first-hand how sustainability is integrated into business, marketing and new product development. In addition to sharpening such skills as writing, blogging, publicity, website community management, internet and telephone research, database management, and social media, you will attend client meetings and learn from Jacquie Ottman's innovative ideas for marketing green products and nudging consumers towards less wasteful habits. Participating in various gatherings of the green business, collaborative consumption, and design communities is a regular part of our office life, so the internship also offers exposure to a wide range of other green businesses and individuals working on sustainability in New York and beyond.
What type of projects do interns work on?
Interns choose the project(s) to work on to match their skills, abilities and passions. Most internships include some research on green products and designs in the marketplace, research and writing case studies and blog posts, or helping to design and implement ways of communicating our content in various electronic media in addition to assisting with our new website project.
Will I get paid?
Yes. Interns receive a generous stipend, and we will gladly help you arrange for college credit.

Testimonials From Previous Interns

  • "Although I had worked in many office jobs prior to J. Ottman Consulting, this was the first time I felt that my opinion in the way the business was run was truly valued. In the first month of the job, I learned all a bout business models and played a hands on role in brainstorming a new model for

    I learned all about how to manage an online community by publishing stories and social media posts that would prompt positive conversation and debate. In this process, I became very knowledgeable about Wordpress, Mailchimp and Hootsuite and developed a skill in crafting tweets and Facebook posts. I honed my skills in social media marketing and learned how to engage our audience though different social media streams.

    One of the most valuable experiences I had during my time at J. Ottman Consulting was putting together and delivering a webinar to a major client, Ingersoll Rand. It was a great opportunity to be able to have been given a large amount of responsibility in this project and play a major role in developing the content and putting together the slides. This experience also included learning how to put together a compelling business proposal for a potential client, and I will most definitely be using these skills in my future employment.

    Finally, perhaps the most favorite things I learned were all the wonderful ways to prevent waste in my life and the lives of those around me. I can really see a difference in the way I viewed the world at the start of working at J. Ottman and the way I see it now. I learned so many effective ways to influence others to prevent waste both in my personal life and work life and plan to base my entire career on waste prevention thanks to Jacquie."

    Beth Henderson,
    2015 Intern

  • "My internship at J. Ottman Consulting was very hands on, and that allowed me to gain more confidence in my abilities and develop new skills. I learned that I have strong administrative skills and that I enjoy the business side of the green world. Working on in particular, has helped me to discover that I really enjoy working with all things Web. I truly have enjoyed this project because it has expanded my understanding of computers, websites, social media, and blog writing. I love that it is also a creative outlet that I haven't had an opportunity to explore before."

    Alexandra O'Hagan,
    Columbia Student

  • "Working at J. Ottman Consulting has exposed me to a full range of sustainable business topics and environmental issues. I'm learning first hand how businesses can be sustainable and still maintain a competitive edge. Everyday is a new experience."

    Kyle Weatherholtz,
    Virginia Tech Student

  • "Interning at J. Ottman Consulting has been a truly wonderful experience. This internship not only has provided continual, one-on-one access to Ms. Ottman, a highly-respected leader in the field of green marketing, but also granted me a close-knit environment like I have never experienced. If you get the chance, don't miss an opportunity to intern at this very special place!"

    Betsy Scherzer,
    Yale Student

  • "My time with J. Ottman Consulting provided up-close exposure to the confluence of business, design, and creative thinking that comprises what has come to be known as green marketing. Whether you are coming from a background in marketing or another green-related field such as urban planning (myself), you will have an opportunity to work on projects that stretch your concept of what your field is. Most importantly, at the end of the day I felt good about the brands, companies and causes my work helped support."

    David Aigner,
    Graduate Student in Urban Planning,
    Hunter College, NYC

  • "Working with Jacquie was a fantastic learning experience. She has one of the longest and most recognized track records in green marketing and knows everything and everyone in the business. Working at J. Ottman Consulting is like green business boot camp -- hard work and incredibly rewarding."

    Kakee Scott,
    MS in Industrial Ecology