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Address Sustainability or Risk Not Being Sustained

In an age where sustainability has begun to assert itself across the consumer and business-to-business product spectrums, those managers who fail to respond to social and "green" initiatives will find their brands swiftly barred from consumers' hearts and pockets.

Films like Supersize Me and An Inconvenient Truth are radically altering the marketing landscape. In response to such media, McDonald's has launched a bevy of healthy alternatives, and the market for hybrid and alternative fuel (ethanol/bio-diesel) automobiles is booming.  This method of creating change through media has consumers better informed than ever.  The result?  Companies are forced to shape up, or get out of the game.

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Keeping Ahead of the Sustainable Products Curve

To keep one's brand on the cutting edge of sustainability, in addition to tending to the traditional tasks of "product, place, price, and promotion," today's successful product managers must now monitor advances in technology, shifts in consumer attitudes, and even projected depletions of certain natural resources that might someday represent a real brand threat. Consider Hewlett-Packard's computer and printer cartridge recycling program, which expects to eclipse 1 billion pounds recycled by the end of this year. In forming programs like this one, HP has engendered the strongest reputation for corporate responsibility among its peers as well as insurance in a renewable resource of recycled electronics.

We are now in an age of deeper deliberation in consumer choice, where brands led by socially and environmentally conscious managers will edge out their less-considerate competition. Word to the wisest brand managers now in place (and students aspiring for their jobs): If your planning is not addressing sustainability, your brands simply will not be sustained!

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